Tim and Donna Magee


My wife and I were looking for a Florida investment rental property, but we wanted one that we could move into in five years when we retire. Lourdes helped us every step of the way.  We had looked into an area about two hours north of Satellite Beach with a different realtor, and every house that we walked into the realtor would get excited a say how great it was, and how we just needed to fix up this or that.  When we came further south to Satellite we wanted someone who not only knew the area but lived there. We found Lourdes and she was great.  She just told us the weaknesses and strengths of the properties and we never felt like she just wanted to sell a property.  It was more like, I want you guys to find something that you really like because we are going to be neighbors some day.  Lourdes helped us find a great house then coached us in how to get it rented with a great tenant in less than a month.  We highly recommend Lourdes for her knowledge of the area, her comfortable style, and her numerable connections with contractors, inspectors and all those other things that go along with purchasing a property.