Doug and Kerrie Smith


Sometimes you just get lucky! Having recently relocated to Florida from Boston the only thing we knew is that we liked the Satellite Beach area, other than that we needed to rely on the knowledgeable advice ¬†from a real estate broker, problem was we didn’t have one. After spending many hours on the Internet I was able to identify a few houses I liked. Attached to one of the listings was a local broker who was listing this particular property. I scheduled an appointment with Lourdes Sliwa and the rest was history. Lourdes was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After walking me through the house I had selected online she helped identify other potential houses. One in particular she explained was a great value and had a lot of the features I was looking for. I didn’t care to see it due to the way it was featured online but Lourdes convinced me to see it. Needless to say that is where we live today. Lourdes was correct it was an incredibly value. The property assessed at $150,000 over what we were paid. I would highly recommend working with Lourdes. She knows her stuff. She happily delivered all checks and paper work and worked with our mortgage broker to ensure we closed on our target date. When the times to buy or sell again, I will use Lourdes!