How to Design a Chef’s Kitchen in Your Home

How to Design a Chef’s Kitchen in Your Home

Whether you are looking for a new home with a fully equipped chef’s kitchen already in place or you are redesigning the space in your home into a chef’s kitchen, it is crucial to know the basics of what it needed in your chef’s kitchen. Your home’s kitchen is the heart of the home, a fully functional space that welcomes family and friends to gather. It is the place where food is prepared and delectable meals are enjoyed by all. And while functionality and efficiency are important in designing a chef’s kitchen so are friendly and warm environment. The professionals at Coastal Home Team offer these tips for designing a warm, welcoming fully functional chef’s kitchen in your home.

Organize the Space

A chef’s kitchen begins with an organized layout, regardless of the size of your space. Every home chef has a unique working style and the kitchen layout should lend itself to that style. Creating work zones utilizing the commercial kitchen triangle is the ideal solution.  The kitchen triangle connects storage space (refrigerator) with preparation area (counter/sink), and the cooking area (stove top/oven) for unobstructed preparation and cooking – fridge to prep to stove.

Countertop Preparation

The foundation of your chef’s kitchen begins with preparation space. Durable countertops – granite, quartz, butcher block, and more will allow for food preparation for years to come. Choose a surface that works for you and will give you the longevity and beauty you desire with little maintenance needed. once you have decided on your countertops, you need to keep them clean, making way for chopping, slicing, dicing, mixing, and well, cooking! How do you keep countertops clear and ready for the task of food preparation? Include ample storage space in your design, where small appliances (blenders, mixers, food processors) and kitchen utensils can be stored.

Storage Galore

Creative, useful organization in your chef’s kitchen design begins with a plan for ample storage. Obviously, adequate storage ensures not only the ability to locate the items you need to having the proper area cleared for food preparation. From ingredients to pots and pans, your chef’s kitchen needs to have the proper storage to keep everything you need within reach. Store spices and dry ingredients in areas where they can easily be identified and gathered during food preparation. Consider hanging pots and pans from decorative ceiling racks to keep them in easy reach. A magnetic knife stripe, rather than a knife block, will keep knives within reach and sharpened. (Remember knife blocks dull sharpened knives.) Store small appliances and gadgets where they can be accessed easily. Plus keep essential cooking utensils organized and within reach for food preparation and cooking. 

Premium Quality Appliances

When it comes to appliances for your new chef’s kitchen, focus on quality appliances. You simply don’t need every trending appliances available but rather professional grade high quality appliances – like a sub-zero refrigerator, a wine cooler, a gas oven and cooktop. Consider what and how you cook and chose the quality appliances that will serve your cooking style and will be used frequently in your space. Plus, as a bonus, when you cut out the unnecessary items you have more to pour into the high-end items you truly want.

The Sink and Faucet of Your Dreams

While choosing a sink and faucet may seem like minor details when it comes to designing your chef’s kitchen, the opposite is true. Think about it, your sink is used from start to finish in the kitchen, from food preparation to clearing and cleaning as you make your meal. Choose a large sink, undermounted, with a single basin to mimic those in the home of your favorite celebrity chefs.  Once the sink is selected, choose a faucet that works for you, like a pull out style which makes prep and cleaning a breeze.